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Ministry of Health

How To Apply For A Legal Change Of Name

Changing your name is an important decision that may have consequences or effects on your personal life and business matters. In most instances a legal change of name will change your birth record. Prior to completing a change of name application please ensure that you have read through the following points:

  • For basic eligibility requirements for change of name
  • For information on requesting waivers of parental consent
  • Will my fingerprints have to be provided in order to successfully complete a change of name application?
  • What is the required fee to apply for a change of name?
  • For information on changing your name after marriage, reverting to a maiden surname or previous married name
  • Fill out and print the online "Application for Change of Name". Typing your information directly on the form avoids the potential delays caused by misinterpreted handwriting. Any parts of the form you do not fill out online can be left blank and completed by hand after the form is printed.
  • Pick up a copy in person at a Vital Statistics or Service BC office.

Application Requirements

  • All applications must include completion of Parts 1 (a) and (b) by the applicant. This may be a person changing his/her own name or a parent applying to change his/her child's name.
  • Surrender of all original birth certificates is required for each person born in Canada and changing a name legally. If born outside Canada, certified copies of immigration papers, permanent resident card or citizenship card.
  • In addition to a birth certificate, a marriage certificate may be required plus proof of custody if a parent is applying to change a child's name without the other parent's consent.
  • Advertising of your intent to legally change your name is no longer required.
  • Individuals 18 years of age or older who are changing their names are required to have electronic fingerprints taken by the RCMP, or an RCMP-accredited affiliate. Fingerprinting officials collect a fee for taking fingerprints in addition to the criminal record check fee of $25, and provide a receipt upon payment. Include the original receipt or a certified copy with your application.
  • All appropriate fees enclosed.

Consent of Parent and Child

The parent(s) must complete a consent form for a child's change of name. The child's consent is required if the child is 12 years of age or older. If the child's name is changing to that of the spouse, the spouse's consent is also required. An application for waiver of parental consent can be made.