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Ministry of Health

How to Order a Legal Change of Name Certificate

Prior to ordering a change of name certificate it is important to ensure that the change of name has been registered. Please click here to find information on how to register a change of name.

The following persons can order a change of name certificate:

  • The person who changed his/her name
  • A parent of a child under 19 years of age
  • Someone with written authorization of the person who changed their name
  • A guardian with a copy of guardianship papers
  • An executor of the person's estate upon proof of death and executorship

How to order a change of name certificate:

  • Complete the application form including the previous and new names, plus the approximate date of the name change
  • Submit the application form with the appropriate fee to Vital Statistics
  • Download the Application for Service here.

Certificate and Sample


The change of name certificate contains the details of all persons involved in the legal change of name. The certificate also contains the person's previous and new names, place of residence, registration number, and date of registration. The size of a large certificate is 21.6 x 17.8 cm.