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Legal Change of Name

This page contains information on legally changing a name. By selecting an option on the menu from the left hand side of the page you can find information on or search for:

  • How to apply for a legal change of name
  • How to order a legal change of name certificate
  • The eligibility requirements to legally change a name
  • Requesting a waiver of a person's consent
  • Fingerprint information

Please Note:

The average processing time for a legal change of name application is 4 to 6 weeks. If further documentation is required in order to complete your application, this processing time may be extended.

Using a Maiden Surname or Married Name

After marriage, you can choose to continue using your own surname, or you can start using your spouse's surname. Changing to your spouse's surname does not constitute or require a legal change of name under the Name Act.

A spouse may use his or her surname before the marriage, at birth or by adoption. A spouse can also use the surname of his or her spouse by marriage.

At any time, you can use your original surname or maiden name again, and you do not need to apply for a legal change of name.

After a divorce, a person may use their name at birth or married surname.