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Ministry of Health

Genealogy - Birth Event

Eligible Applicant:

  • the individual if the event is their own birth
  • anyone, as long as the record pertains to a person who has been deceased for 20 years and proof of death is produced
  • anyone, if the record has been in existence for 120 years
  • the closest living relative of the person named, on production of proof of death and relationship
  • an agent or representative of the above, if they have written consent of the eligible person.

Note: Closest living relative is defined as: mother, father, son, daughter, spouse, sister, brother, grandparent, grandchild.

Genealogy Certified Registration Copy:

For numerology, astrology, or general interest purposes, Vital Statistics can provide the exact time and birthweight for your own or your child's birth, if the information was collected as part of the registration process in place at the time the birth was registered. We obtain this information from a search of Physicians' Notices of Births (PNOB), which are only available from 1944 to the present. Time of birth and weight (when available), is provided in a separate letter along with the Genealogy Certified Registration Copy.

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NOTE: No certificate issued in respect of the registration of Birth shall be issued in a manner as to disclose any information concerning an adoption.

How To Apply: