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Commemorative Birth Certificates

On December 1, 2009, the Vital Statistics Agency introduced a new commemorative birth certificate collection, available for issue to people born in British Columbia. This collection is comprised of 42 certificates that include 36 stylized scenes portraying regions of British Columbia.

These stylized regional scenes of British Columbia are from a mural by Carol Christianson called "Splendid Diversity - 36 More Wonders of the World". The mural was commissioned by the Royal BC Museum Corporation as part of the exhibition celebrating BC's 150th birthday.

The certificates are not just for newborns, they are available to anyone born and registered in British Columbia. Each commemorative Birth Certificate is printed in full colour, on premium quality paper. Certificates are 11x14 inches (28x35.5 cm).

Certificates are sold individually but can also be combined into sets to create decorative scenes.

These certificates are not intended for use as official identification.

Eligible Applicant:

  • The person named in the birth event
  • The mother of the person named in the birth event
  • The father of the person named in the birth event (if named on the birth registration)
  • The person with custody of the person named in the birth event (proof of court recognized legal custody must be provided)
  • A person on the written consent of the individuals listed above

Information That Appears on Certificates:

  • Child's Name in Full
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Birth Weight
  • Place of Birth
  • Sex

Note: Births prior to 1951 may not include the weight or time of birth

Certificate Samples:


Newborn Series - 5 Background Colours

36 Stylized Scenes of British Columbia

You can order your certificate on-line using our secure, easy to use, electronic application service.

Click here (PDF 794K) for an application form. To order by telephone with a credit card call (250) 952-2557 or toll free (BC only) 1-888-876-1633.