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Surname Given Names Phone Cell Phone E-Mail City More
DENTON MICHAEL J 250-652-0404 250-508-0894 Email SAANICHTON Details
EASTHOM SHERRY LYNNE 250-656-9363 250-727-1005 Email SIDNEY Details
HOOEY IAIN 250-595-6294 250-889-3599 Email VICTORIA Details
KOJDER TERESA 250-727-9499 250-580-9499 Email VICTORIA Details
LAVOIE CATHY 250-532-1925 250-532-1925 Email VICTORIA Details
PARKINSON BRENDA A 250-642-5638 250-661-0349 Email SOOKE Details
PECK DAVID 250-508-3283 250-508-3283 Email VICTORIA Details
PETERS DONNA 250-642-4476 N/A Email SOOKE Details
PODMORE KENNETH 250-655-4631 250-886-4631 Email SIDNEY Details
REID JO ANN 250-656-3973 778-679-9118 Email NORTH SAANICH Details
RICE PAMELA 250-514-0722 250-514-0722 Email VICTORIA Details
ROBINSON TERENCE RODNEY 250-478-9944 250-888-9976 Email VICTORIA Details
RUBIN EUGENE 250-294-3032 N/A Email VICTORIA Details
RUSSELL SHARON 250-598-0580 N/A Email VICTORIA Details
SMITH BILL 250-361-3077 N/A Email VICTORIA Details
SOUTHAM HEATHER 250-642-2576 250-589-9300 Email SOOKE Details

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